BluePrint Geneva, in partnership with chef Samantha Buyskes, is providing meals to the community for pick up on Saturdays. Half of the meals are offered for a suggested donation of $9 to cover costs for the following week. The other half are offered free, on a first come first served basis. Our goal is to get these healthy, hearty meals into the hands (and bellies) of those who need it most and your purchase helps us do that! Emergency Food Distribution is a designated essential service and all meals are prepared according to emergency directives and distributed using appropriate social distancing requirements. If you require no-touch delivery to your home, please let us know.

  • Prepared Meal

    Greens and Blues: Braised FLX Duck with Remembrance Farms Greens, toasted pumpkin seeds, Maine blueberries (dried), red onion, feta Green Goddess Dressing Each refrigerator/freezer-ready container contains two servings. The meals are distributed cold, for use later in the week or for you to heat up and enjoy as soon as you get home! Prepared by Chef Samantha Buyskes, owner of Simply Red Catering and Culinary Adventures.

    $9.00 each

  • Good Neighbor Meal

    Maybe your friend or neighbor could use a tasty pick-me-up? Why not send them a meal? Order for a family in need and we'll deliver it to them (within the City limits)


  • Donation to BluePrint Geneva

    An optional donation to non-profit BluePrint Geneva, in increments of $5.

    $5.00 each


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